Deccan rummy

Deccan rummy

Deccan rummy – whether it’s a gathering with friends or family, it is incomplete without playing a few rounds of cards. This game has been popular for ages, irrespective of age group. Almost everyone loves to play cards, considering its variety of tricky games. Among several forms of card games, rummy is an alluring one, played by many people. 

However, with the advent of technology, app developers added a new dimension to this game. They developed online rummy games to bring this game closer to people. Moreover, they made it a money-making platform to make it more attractive. Therefore, you can earn by playing these online rummy games. There are several online rummy games in India, such as Deccan rummy, taj rummy, rummy passion, etc.

How can you earn money from online deccan rummy games?

Earning money from an online rummy game is very easy. Most popular gaming apps employ the same procedure of playing and earning from rummy. First, you must download the gaming app and sign up with a token amount. Some tutorials in maximum apps teach you how to play the games. 

Once you learn them, you can start playing, or if you are an experienced player, you can skip the tutorials. You start earning from the first game, and the winning amount remains in your gaming wallet. You can encash the amount once it’s transferred into your bank account. Moreover, you can also earn a referral bonus by referring the game to your friends.

5 best online rummy apps in India

There are several online gaming apps where you can play rummy online. However, here are the 5 bests of them:

Deccan Rummy

Considering its variety of entertaining games, this app has gained immense popularity among others. More than 1,00,000 people play deccan rummy online to win cash prizes. They have a safe and certified payment gateway; thus, there’s no risk of losing your money.

You can play pool rummy, point rummy, and deals rummy on this app to earn a big cash prize. Apart from an extensive game variant, this app also offers 24/7 customer care support. However, it enhances the credibility of this app. The best part is you can earn a 100% bonus of up to 5000INR with the deposit money. Moreover, you achieve referrals and social share rewards on sharing this app.


Adda52 is one of the most popular sites where you can play various poker and rummy games. Once you log in to this site, you must deposit a cash amount counted as digital cash, which you can use while playing the game. Once you log in and register, you can start playing with other registered players on the site. After winning a game, the cash prize is added to your Adda52 account. 

You can encash it after transferring it into your bank account. Adda52 offers a smooth and safe money withdrawal as compared to other apps. Moreover, you can get up to 60% weekly cashback from their loyalty programs. You can also earn a referral bonus and exclusive first deposit bonus from this app.

Rummy Passion

If you are a passionate rummy player, rummy passion is your ultimate choice. Registering your account into this app is free. However, you need to deposit a token amount to play the games. Moreover, you get 2,000 welcome bonuses on your first deposit, and the bonus amount keeps multiplying with every deposit.

Players are categorized into silver, gold, platinum, and black tiers. Once you register, you enroll in the silver tier and can start playing with players of different tiers. Moreover, you become a member of the Passion Rewards Club, where you can earn rewards and bonuses for playing the game.

Classic Rummy

A group of experienced developers developed this site with years of expertise in marketing and technology. Classis rummy is stealing the show with its user-friendly interface and various poker games. 

On this site, you can play games like 201 pools, point rummy, 101 pool, classic tourney, etc. Moreover, you don’t need to download any app to play Classic Rummy games. You can visit their site and log in to play the games.

Rummy Culture

Over 5 million players use rummy culture to play online poker games. Launched in 2017, this app has gained considerable popularity because of its offers and services. Apart from cash-winning games, you can also take part in their tournaments and host practice games. 

Moreover, they have varied ways of making deposits and money withdrawals, which enhances the user experience. Reports say people have won up to 10,00,000 cash prizes playing rummy culture.


There are several apps where you can play and win cash prizes. However, when choosing the app, you want to play make sure it’s safe and secure. The mentioned sites are well-known for their security and payment procedure. You can choose any one from them, or you can research other trusted sites. Playing rummy online is exciting and alluring, of course. So, keep playing and keep winning!

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