There’s hardly any human being on earth who is not tempted by money. However, in this competitive world, it is tough to earn a handsome amount in a short time. So here comes the temptation to take a leap in the dark. Gambling is a game where people risk valuable belongings or money to win a lump sum of wealth.

Like anywhere, it is practised in India also. However, the Indian government has implemented some laws to restrict gambling as it severely affects on being played excessively. As a result, people become addicted and become victims of gambling disorders. Specific rehabilitation centres take care of the victim to ensure help for problem gambling in India.

Indian Gambling

Gamblers in India have practiced it in different forms for a long time. Some of them are horse racing, lottery, skill games, casino gambling, online gambling, and sports betting. Based on the legal position in India, gambling is divided into two categories;

            •          Game of chance

            •          Games involving skills

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, all forms of gambling except the skill involving ones are illegal. Despite that, gamblers find their way to perform such activities through various online apps and sites. Indian gamblers are making money from poker, blackjack and even sports betting to slots without making any buzz.

Online Casino – Help for problem gambling in India

An online Casino is where Indian gamblers can even bet on foreign sites without any legal hazards. However, not all sites are genuine, and there are chances of losing the amount put on a bet. And as gambling is illegal in India, one cannot take legal steps against these fraud sites.

Thus, one can visit a renowned online casino or website to win money in India after adequately researching it. There are websites and forums to review online casinos; one can check thoroughly and take expert advice.

Gambling in the form of Lottery and Horse Racing

As a form of gambling, horse riding has been legal in India since 1996. According to the supreme court of India, it requires skill to bet on horses; thus, it is legal. However, the same court is reluctant to add cricket betting to the list of the skilled game.

Another legal game in India is the lottery, which has been legalised since 1998. However, there’s a minimal chance of making money from the lottery as millions of people compete for it.

Why are Only a Few Gambling Games Legalised?

Legal games can easily be taxed; for instance, when a person wins the lottery, he/she has to pay a 30.9% of the prize money as TDS. Similarly, online poker games where you get real money on winning charges tax from your winning amount.

Though developed countries like the UK, Germany, Spain, and others have legalised online casinos and betting sites, it is still illegal in India. Nonetheless, Indian gamblers are eagerly waiting for the government to make it legal, yet there is not much hope till now.

Conclusion for Help for problem gambling in India

Though there is less hope for gambling in India since it’s illegal, but it is not so. Gamblers here are experts in carrying forward the betting without the government noticing. Indian gamblers manage to continue through online casinos in other countries despite all the heck. Even an Indian can bet on Indian games, such as cricket, from online betting websites of foreign countries. Moreover, those sites provide bonuses to the Indian gamblers for joining them. What could be more alluring for them than betting in foreign lands with a bonus?

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