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Rummy is India’s beloved card game. It is an easy-to-play indoor game popular among the older generation. But with mobile phones and the internet in every corner of India, rummy is now trendy among youngsters. 

Earlier, people would bet on rummy to make it exciting. Whereas now, one can earn money online through rummy with real cash in India by playing on rummy apps like Skill rummy or Play rummy.

You must know the rules and regulations before playing rummy on any platform. Because if you break any of the rules, you do not receive money even after winning the game. 

Let’s look into the strict rules that every rummy app follows: 

1. Rummy involves two decks of cards with one joker for each card deck in the game. 

2. Rummy must have a minimum of two players in the game. It can have a maximum of six players as a group. 

3. Every game begins with a toss and distribution of thirteen cards among each player. 

4. Each card has a minimum of 10 points given to them. But a player can lose 20 points if they leave while the game is ongoing. 

5. The player who constantly arranges their cards in pure sequences in every round wins the game! 

Now let’s taste some saucy tips to help you win rummy with real cash in India:

Licensed platform 

Rummy is indeed legal in most of the states in India. But before playing online rummy in various apps, you must check their license. This license proves the security of the gaming platform. 

For example, Deccan Rummy has a license from Winner Games Pvt Ltd. 

Register for bonuses

After ensuring that a rummy gaming app is legal and safe, you must register there. Once you register yourself, you receive a 100% welcome bonus. You can now start playing and earn money there.  

But to withdraw money, you must select the payment options available like UPI or card. 

Game of Skill 

Rummy is legal in India because it is a game of skill. This game teaches you to take vital decisions under pressure, take risks, be observant, and learn from others. You can begin as a rookie but end up as a master of cards with this game. Never forget, that losing means that you can win again.

Look out for tournaments 

The best and fastest way to earn money through rummy is by participating in tournaments. Every app holds several tournaments. You must check the notifications to know when a tournament takes place. 

Despite being easy money, tournaments are generally for experts. But if you are confident about winning, go ahead and take the risk.



Now you know the secrets to winning rummy with real cash in India. But always remember to check if the rummy app is available in your state. Ensure to go through the Terms & Conditions of the apps before signing up to receive money from there. Lastly, enjoy!  

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